Gin Festival Maidstone 2019

The greatest Gin festival in Great Britain is here! All you Gin lovers, this one is for you! If you’re in a mood to experiment with lots and lots of gin, you have to visit the Great British Gin festival is coming to Maidstone for two whole days – imagine, two days of pure gin indulgence. This is sure going to be a heaven for all the gin lovers out there. Here’s all you need to know about the Gin festival Maidstone 2019!

What can you expect here?
The popularity of the Gin Festival is ever-increasing – and this year, it’s going to reach Maidstone! While the festival will be touring through 20 locations in England, the debut event will be held in Maidstone.


What’s so special?

  • Around 100 different Gin flavors to tickle your taste buds! All these Gin flavors will be noted flavors from reputed names, even households. Be prepared to experience the unique and out of the box flavored gins here.
  • You will also be free to experiment with small batches of Gin – just to explore.
  • The moment you enter, you’ll be given a Gin glass and Gin bible – so that you’re well-versed with what’s awaiting you ahead.
  • Popular flavors from the past versions of this festival will also be marking their presence in the 2019 versions – so you can blindly go taste these trusted flavors of Gin when you’re here!
  • You’ll also have visual treats – the delight of watching Gin being made right in front of you! Attend the talks given by popular Gin masters – know everything about Gin, the origin, history, how it’s prepared and everything else you ever wanted to know about Gin.
  • Also, there are loads of fun-games which you’ll surely enjoy with fellow Gin lovers!


When is it going to be held?
Mark the 7th and 8th of June off your calendars! Save both the dates – you’ll require that much of time to taste the vast number of gin flavors in the festival!

Where exactly is it going to be held?
The Kent Event Centre, Maidstone. You won’t have any difficulty finding this place as it’s pretty well known in Maidstone. Plus with the pomp and enthusiasm of the Gin festival, you’ll be able to locate it from afar!

I hope you’ve marked these two days off your calendar – hope to see you there!


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